Your course's knowledge repository.

Notedock is your course's collective knowledgebase.

Where insights from past course offerings, help those involved with current and future offerings.

Do you have entry-level courses that require lots of personnel? Are TAs missing orientation meetings?

Save everyone's time, and spare the professors from headaches.

Make onboarding new TAs easier, by having policies, procedures, guidelines and expectations documented.

Documenting your knowledge in a collective repository, helps new members get up to speed faster.

Do you have instructors switching between courses in different terms?

Teaching a course for the first time can be tough.

Knowing the gotchas and common pitfalls that those more experienced with the course can help a lot.

Having previous instructors' notes and comments readily available, will help in administrating the course smoothly.


Find exactly what you're looking for.

Stop wasting precious time, wading through endless faculty pages and directories.

Query different combinations of page titles, page content and tags to narrow down results.

Pin important notes

Keep important notes and policies easily within reach.

Have a certain page you're referring to often? Pin it to the top!



Share between courses.

Share common policies and procedures with other courses.

Share tips and setup procedures with courses that need them.

Discuss topics and share ideas.

Have discussions about a topic in a central place, right on the page.

Insights and ideas from the discussions, contribute to the collective knowledge for the course.


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