A client portal that fits your workflow

In addition to storing your team's internal knowledge, Notedock let's you easily grant clients access to specified pages.

A centralized & organized way for your clients to download files, share input and stay in the loop.

Collaborate with your team AND your clients — all in one place — with little change to your workflow.

Grant clients access to certain pages

Create limited access users who can only view pages that you explicitly grant them access to.


Client can only view pages they have access to

Clients can log in, and will only see pages that pertain to them.


Collaborate and discuss

Keep your clients in the loop, share insights and have them collaborate with you on a project.

They'll be able to add to discussions, upload files and embed images.


Centralized place for downloads

You can have one place to store all your project's resources, easily accessible to your clients.

Whether you upload directly, or have links to Dropbox, it's easier to find files and stay organized when they're all in one place.


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