Is a full-blown intranet too complicated?

One place to keep and share notes, links & files in an organized way — your team's virtual library

No more searching in different sources. And no more information gets lost.

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Have a central hub for everything your team needs.

See an example of a project, being completed on a single page.

Using notedock

Annotate And Discuss

Centralized discussions let everyone know what's going on & share what they know.


Find Exactly What You're Looking For

Make customized search queries & find exactly what you're looking for.


Why notedock?

Are you sifting through your email and searching countless Word documents looking for some notes?

When a team member needs some info, do you have to look it up and send it to them?

Having all of your notes spread everywhere is a hassle.

It's not just a hassle in keeping track of everything — it's a hassle to find what you need.

And how do you onboard a new team member? Does a leaving team member take their knowledge and know-how with them?

Is the new guy handed a stack of binders to read?

Notedock helps your team find what they need faster, so you can get on with what's most important for your business.


Collaborate And Share With Others

Work with other teams, departments and outside contractors.

Share content between Notedock sites.

Or create limited access users who can only view specified pages.


Keep What You Need Top Of Mind

Pin important things to your homepage.

Current projects, important notes, useful references, etc.


On The Go, Wherever You Are

Get access to your knowledge from any web-enabled phone or tablet.

Embed Rich Media

Easily embed Youtube videos, Pinterest boards and links to Dropbox files.

What can I use notedock for?

An intranet alternative:

  • document steps & procedures.
  • make personnel changes more efficient.
  • get new members up to speed.

For project management:

  • document specs and requirements.
  • work with freelancers & other departments.
  • record implementation details.

To share notes:

  • share ideas & files.
  • share notes on books, videos & courses.
  • collect and share articles & links.

As a customer/client portal:

For schools and universities:

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